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One Of A Kind Custom Pieces Created With Recycled Comics.

What shoe sizes do you work with?   

Currently sizes 5 to 13 (if you are interested in a different size, just let me know.)  Please note that due to space constraints at shows and conventions, we can only bring a select number of Giraffe Soul custom wearable art pieces in a variety of sizes, styles, and themes that will be available for purchase.

Who is your shoe supplier?

Creating one of a kind wearable art pieces means that I have had quite a bit of time with trial and error. :) I utilize wedge and platform heels because I do not touch the integrity of the shoe (straps, soles, etc) and these options offer the most amount of stable design surfaces. I currently do not utilize a wholesale supplier which means every pair of shoes is chosen by me.  I go with the mentality that if I wouldn't wear something myself, I don't assume other people will.  There are times when I find a shoe that I really like and I will purchase as many pairs as I can in various sizes.  While a style of shoe may be the same, the designing of the art utilized will never be identical.  Giraffe Soul is not about mass producing a specific creation, one of a kind wearable art pieces allow my clients to stand out and feel as unique as they are.

Do you only utilize comics and graphic novels as your art medium?

Nope,  just about any type of paper product will work for a pair of wearable art!  Take a look at the gallery page and you will find a few pieces where I used vintage magazines and newspapers.  One pair of heels in particular entitled the "We Miss You Elvis #1" were created from a 1977 People magazine and memorabilia book from the five-year anniversary of the King's passing. 

**It is important to note that we are aware of trademark regulations. As an artist/collector/responsible fan of comic book art I do not under any circumstances utilize art obtained and printed from the internet or copied pages from a book. I use the actual pages from used and damaged books/magazines that I have either purchased or been gifted, on occassions I have been known to cut up a new book for special pieces (although I swear I can hear the pages screaming at me while I do this).**

Attention band members and stage performers:  Ever thought about a non traditional business card to showcase your craft?  Utilizing photos that you provide from your performances I can create a personalized Giraffe Soul item that will allow you to show the world who you are both on and off stage.

How are your one of a kind Giraffe Soul items priced? 

Each item is its own custom wearable art piece so we look at the original purchase price of the item (shoes, journal, wallet, or clutch) as well as the cost of the art medium (comics, graphic novels, vintage magazines, books, etc).  Lastly, the amount of time that is spent creating each individual piece is calculated.  For example, a size 13 shoe will have a higher price tag than say a size 5 heel due to the amount of surface being designed.

Ensuring your Giraffe Soul item stays as awesome as the first day you received it means...


Driving: Remove your shoes while driving.  This might seem silly however driving with your shoes on will allow friction to impact the integrity of your design especially on the heel areas. 

Rain/Weather: I love a good puddle jumping session as much as the next person and while your shoes have received at least three coats of weather-proofing shellac, I would avoid water whenever possible.

Heat: Fireplaces and fire pits are oh so romantic and they keep you toasty however trust me on this -

DO NOT keep your shoes near open flames!

Oops:  If while wearing your shoes, you deeply scuff them or you drive with them on, you may find an area that you wish wasn't there.  Don't worry I can help!  Send me an email letting me know what happened and together we can find a solution to solve the issue.

Wallets / Purses / Clutches - the same rules apply as above (except the driving part) however it is important to note that over time wallets will begin to wear in the spine areas from normal use.  Please remember that these items are hand decorated and should be treated with care as to ensure the longevity of the decoration. 


Is it true that you donate stuff?
Yep!  In the past, I have been proud  to donate to HomePlate Youth Services in Washington County, Oregon.  This amazing organization supports and empowers youth in the Washington County area who are experiencing housing instability.  They do not turn anyone away and tirelessly work to help youth overcome a number of hurdles.  Each year they host FarmPlate an event that includes a farm-to-table dinner and auction with all proceeds going towards the yearly operating budget of HomePlate. 


 Other organizations that have received donations from Giraffe Soul include Mile High Comics (benefiting the White Rose Scholarship Foundation), Hall of Justice Comics & Collectables (raffle), and the Town of Parker (for the 2015 - 50 year anniversary event). 

White Rose Scholarship

Hall of Justice Comics

If you are affiliated with a charity and are interested in requesting a custom Giraffe Soul piece for an event benefiting your organization, please email me (or complete the online contact form which can be found by visiting the contact page).